Access Citrix from Off-Campus Locations

Two different webpages are available for employees working off campus who need to access the Citrix Web Interface. Employees should select one login page based on the two-factor authentication (2FA) method they use for University of Utah business – either RSA or Duo. 

Please select the appropriate button, at the top of this webpage, for remote access to Citrix via the 2FA service you use (RSA or Duo).

For more information about 2FA at the U, please visit the 2FA web site

Please bookmark the appropriate login page for quick and easy access in the future. For instructions on how to bookmark a webpage, click the appropriate link below for your browser.

Note: Beginning November 30 2018 will be retired. If you have been using this link as your bookmark, please follow the directions below to update your bookmark prior to this date so you don’t have any interruption to your service.